One Belt, One Road, One World: Connecting International Innovation to the Developing World

At the 19th National Congress last October, 2017, China's President Xi Jinping’s visionary “One Belt One Road” Policy was unexpectedly included in the Communist Party’s constitution, reflecting Xi’s ambitious desire to cement his legacy in leading China to take a global leadership role in the world as the world pivots from West to East.

The Belt and Road Initiative is intended to drive trade and capital flows between the east and the west by improving the infrastructure of ancient overland and maritime routes, connecting more than 65 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. These routes represent the highest growth developing nations over the next few decades, covering two-thirds of the world’s population and constituting a third of global GDP. It is anticipated this initiative will consume most of China’s outbound investment in the decades to come, costing over US$1.7 trillion a year through 2030. Based on this infrastructure investment, the annual trade volume between China and countries along the Belt and Road routes is expected to exceed US$2.5 trillion in the next ten years.

The whole intent of the Belt and Road Initiative is to free the flow of trade and capital for the benefit of all the constituent nations. This ethos is no better encapsulated and enabled than by blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is in the process of disrupting every imaginable industry by disintermediating the traditional central authorities which control information flow, allowing third parties to conduct trade and services in a trusted but completely decentralized way. In addition, blockchain technologies naturally complement the natural development of the Belt and Road, as most of the early effort is focused on infrastructure projects such as railways, roads, ports, power plants, and IT networks.

As such, there is a unique opportunity for the best-in-class international blockchain companies to strategically collaborate together to provide the communications and operational backbone that can directly overlay on top of the infrastructure build-out. By collaborating, there is an opportunity to create unifying platforms to allow the interoperability of all the critical software services for the Belt and Road such as logistics, back office, reservation, payment transfer, trade finance, etc. These services should interoperate with AI, Industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles, big data, and IOT solutions to truly enable smart cities to flourish.

To be able to credibly connect to China and the Belt and Road Initiative, our partners have cultivated strong relationships with the central government, notably the top leadership in the National Development and Reform Commision and important organisations controlled directly by the Communist Party that coordinate with the ministries and governments around the world. As such, our alliance gets privileged access to the priorities, roadmaps, and importantly invited access to strategic development projects inside China and around the Belt and Road. By working directly with the central government at the strategic planning level, we are innovating on joint venture models that serve the interests of both the international companies as well as the mandates of China.

Even though the Belt and Road may be a Chinese initiative, it takes a global effort involving international organizations, technology companies, finance industry, professional services, local government/firms, and the participating cities along the new Silk Road.

The mission of the One World Blockchain Alliance is to connect the most innovative blockchain companies in the developed world to the vast opportunities of the developing world for the benefit of all. One Belt, One Road, One World, connected by The Blockchain.

Real Capital through strategic partnerships within the Chinese Central Government have been placed in a privileged and unique position.

The integrated Chinese relationship, technological approach and huge Real Estate experience; allows Real Capital to take on difficult and uncertain questions surrounding the real estate investments across the 65 Countries.

Acquiring real estate throughout the 65 Countries along the One Belt One Road Initiative is by definition the greatest real estate opportunity that has existed in the modern day.

State of the art new Residential zones, commercial estates, industrial areas, Maritime development will completely reshape the built environment.

Our approach is to use hard data and technology - not armchair punditry. The Real Capital Team will draw from a unique proprietary model which draws in from millions of data inputs and can yield predictions on how real estate will develop right across the One Belt One Road Eco System.

Future expectations, not current reality, drive asset prices.....